In 1812

1812: A group of Cuban slaves headed by Jose Antonio Aponte plan a revolt. The plot is discovered and Aponte is hung, but revolts by slaves continue.

In 1839

1793-1803: After years of bitter and bloody battles, the slaves, led by Haitian successor to Overture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, forces the French to flee Haiti. More than 30,000 French, white refugees come to Cuba after the rebellion.

In 1791

1791: The Haitian slaves revolt against the planters under the direction of Francois Toussaint Overture; he is captured by trickery and dies in a French prison.

In 1762

1762: The English fleet takes over Havana Harbor; the British troops suffer atrocious losses due to fever. The two governments reach agreement that Spain will cede Florida in exchange for keeping Cuba.


Consuelo, a student at Havana University, joins the communist party, and fights against Gerardo Machado, a tropical Mussolini, as described by Juan Antonio Mella, the Communist student leader. Machado leads Cuba from 1925-1933, and is replaced by Fulgencio Batista in 1933.

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