Alejandrina Finds her Erotic Self

The fight over La Mathilde Belford led William and his employer to be thrown together more and more. Alejandrina found herself increasingly attracted to this muscular foreigner, most puzzling since she had always found sex repulsive. Yet out of the blue, she noticed sensual thoughts were intruding into her mind — about this man in her service.

Alejandrina found their best times to chat were while riding a buggy to one or another destination. They developed a respectful, easy bond.

One day, riding back from Macuso, they stopped because one of the horses threw a shoe. William dismounted, helping Alejandrina off the saddle; and she impulsively kissed him on the mouth.

They were mutually startled by her behavior, but William did not let go and embraced her back with equal fervor. “You are a bonnie woman. You are Alejandrina Roy, and I am ‘besotted’ with you, I am.”

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