Jose Marti

Jose Marti, one of the greatest figures of the Americas

Jose Marti was an emotionally-torn patriot fighting for Cuba’s independence.  He suffered the excruciating labors of working in the quarries as a child, and later, as a youth, studied law in Madrid and Saragosa, Spain.  He never lost sight of his goal that Cuba might one day be free of Spain.  He made a vain attempt in 1894 to land armed men in Cuba, but was intercepted in Florida.  The next year he was more successful and and landed with troops in Cuba, only to be tragically killed in his first battle.

This brilliant man of letters, a poet, a prolific writer and speaker, is the Washington of Cuba.  The date of his birth is January 28th, 1853, and he was christened Jose Julian by his parents.

“Cubana Linda,” celebrates the life of this great man with a book launch at Havana Grill, 8878 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The book launch commemorates his birthday on January 28th.


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